Bombay Calling…

The next stop in my exponentially growing “list of places I want to visit in this lifetime” is MUMBAIII !!! the City of Dreams, the Maya Nagari, or just what the locals call it: Bombay.

Bombay has been a dream destination for me since the time I started watching Bollywood movies. The shady underworld, the all-powerful dons, the quintessential downpours, the crowded suburban trains, and the ever-growing diverse populace! Bombay was the stuff movies were made of! Who wouldn’t crave to take a stroll through the famed Marine Drive, or pose for the mandatory picture in front of the Taj! I know so little of this place but I am sooo in love with it.

Aaaah…Bombay…you were always my favourite.

Let’s get into the details of my trip :

The publicized intention of my travel is to visit my cousin (whom I haven’t seen for many months). But, my main intent is to make very good use of my Pixel (now I am straight on bragging)😉 .

As I have now started living on my own “hard-earned” money, I can happily say that I have a considerably inflated budget than all my previous trips.
Also, this time I have not created a list of landmarks to visit but have decided to let my cousin surprise me.

I’ll end this mindless rambling here.


(For those who love numbers,
Travel date: 21 – 24 March
Budget: I really don’t know!
Flying from Cochin and back.

Mumbai is 10th in my list of 66 places to visit in India. My “Want to go Abroad” list is an entirely different story altogether)

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