The Joy of Trip Planning

“The preparation for an event is far more enjoyable than the event itself.”

I know that this is a bold statement to make but bear with me, I can explain.

Have you ever planned for your sibling’s wedding? Remember how all the cousins got together, decorating, running around and organizing all those pre-wedding entertainers? (sighing longingly) How enjoyable was it?

And then the wedding happens – the traditions bore you for an hour, your brother gets married, and you eat far more food than you can handle just so that you can feign illness and not go to the college next day. And just like that, it’s all over.

With the assumption that I have proved my point, I’ll get on with my narrative.

Though not always true, planning trips are almost as fun as the trips themselves. I still remember the all-nighters we pulled fantasizing the trip to Pattaya. We planned meticulously, extensively researching the country, the hotels and the activities available there (wink).

Come to think of it, had I put the same effort into studying, I would now probably be somewhere in Denmark, dating Emma Watson, relaxing at my lakeside penthouse, and taking a swig from a $1000 bottle of 1970’s Scotch.

Back to the painful reality…

These plannings rarely came to fruition and I used to complain about all the time and money wasted on them, but to be frank, I enjoyed these sessions a lot. I relished the researches, the weighing of different opinions, and the decision takings.

I recently planned a trip to Bangalore, did a lot of research, booked the tickets, and even boarded the train! But the trip got cancelled due to some unforeseen circumstances and I was disappointed as hell. All the money spent on it was lost, all the dreams and the castles I raised in the sky crumbled to dust. I brooded for quite a while but now I feel happy that I at least got to experience the joy of planning the trip. Don’t get me wrong, I really miss not going on that trip but I am a half glass full kind of guy, and hence my conclusion.

All this came to my mind as I sat in my office planning for another trip to, guess where?


(Yep. I am definitely mad.)

With two of my best friends.

I have decided on the places, fixed the dates and booked the tickets. I am just waiting for the universe to disappoint me so that I can go back to my brooding state. Again.

All ears to ideas for weekend getaways from Bangalore. (Please do not suggest shopping malls, I am fed up of them.)

Journey date: 28th June
Train towards and return by air.

(Cover image credits : Capturing the human heart. on Unsplash )

(Something big is coming in September. Fingers crossed! )

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