Taking Off

Flight takeoffs are fun. The buildings grow smaller and smaller till they are just tiny specks, and then they disappear altogether as we rise above the clouds. The big bird rises up slowly, picks up the pace and rushes headlong into the clouds, leaving your stomach in shambles.

As the flight stabilizes, you see endless waves of clouds just hangin’ in the sky. The horizon feels infinite, stretching on and on with patches of white dotting the brilliant blue canvas. At times, some of them catch the sunlight displaying a stunning yellow hue.

Perks of window seats in early morning flights!!
Photo by Vishnu Prasad on Unsplash

It bursts through the blanket of clouds occasionally and that is when you see it, the endless blue expanse – absolute, infinite and well, sparkling BLUE! Every time this happens, I get a kind of warm fuzzy feeling on the inside, the emptiness in the sky somehow calming my confused mind, soothing my palpitating heart.

As the flight picks up altitude, there is a marked difference in the colour of the skies. The blue is lighter, and the sky feels thinner. It’s like a plain blue canvas with a round yellow dot, the huge ball of fire that gives a yellowish tint to everything around as the evening sets.

After cruising for a while, it’s time for the torture machine to begin again.

The descent begins, and you once again break through the mountains of clouds and can see the land far far below. The first time this happened, it reminded me of the satellite view in Google Maps : A vast canvas of green interspersed with thin blue rivulets, stony mountains and tiny little buildings. The ground then comes rushing onwards at an alarming speed and I close my eyes praying for a painless passage into the netherworld. That doesn’t happen, the plane taxis smoothly along the runway and comes to a stop, leaving you slightly dizzy and extremely nauseous.

Wow, flights are really fun!

(Facts : I have been on a plane 5 times, all to different airports and I already consider myself a veteran)

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